The sword is full of frost

"Like a rising wind and scudding clouds?"? The starting style of Sima Jianmen! Before he could change the look on his face, the "Sima Daoyuan" sword was already in the box, and Ruoyuan stopped at the same place as Yue Zhi. And it hasn't moved. Zhao Ziyuan had heard a detailed description of Sima Jianmen's sword style that day, because what happened that night in Cuihu Lake involved a wide range of people. If this person is not Sima Daoyuan, how can this hand sword style? Why does he want me to believe it? Just listen to that "Sima" Dao yuan "way:" "Young man, you know this trick, and you have a wide range of knowledge." Zhao Ziyuan way: "Sima Jianmen's Great Wind Fifteen Swords. Who in the martial arts world doesn't know it? Your Excellency, it's easy to say." "Sima Daoyuan" way: "It's just that I've been living alone for twenty years. I don't want people in the martial arts world to forget me." Zhao Ziyuan way: "Yes, it's been twenty years since the night of the birth of Cuihu Lake." "Sima Daoyuan" seemed to be taken aback and said: "What did you say about Cuihu, young man." Zhao Ziyuan did not want to mention the matter again, so he changed the subject and said: "Your Excellency has brought Xiao Ke here. I wonder if you have any advice?" "Sima Daoyuan" way: "It seems that we don't have to go around in circles any more. Is your surname Zhao, young man?" Zhao Ziyuan Zheng way: "How did you learn that?" "Sima Daoyuan" does not answer, the way: "This is it." This is it. Zhaozi original such as falling five miles of fog, only listen to "Sima Daoyuan" answer: "Liuxiangyuan's' measuring pearls and hiring beauty 'is the biggest conspiracy in the history of Wulin. I don't want you to fall into a place beyond redemption, right?" To draw you out. Zhao Ziyuan read a move, saying: "As far as Xiao Ke knows, you have also been to Liuxiangyuan." The "Sima Daoyuan" tone sank and said: "Where did you hear that?" "Hearsay," said Zhao Ziyuan. "Sima Daoyuan" cold hum 1, way: "Don't mention too much about the groundless argument afterwards. I entered the Incense Courtyard. Today is the first time to solve the problem. Who is making me?" Rumors? Zhao Ziyuan thought: "The maidservant in the backyard revealed that Sima Daoyuan had clearly been to the courtyard, but he strongly denied it." Is there a second'Sima Daoyuan 'before this man? Then he said, "So did Du Shi Sanying die at your hands?" "Sima Daoyuan" sink a track: You're wrong again! It was someone else who broke into the inner pavilion and killed Du Sanying! Zhao Ziyuan stunned, tonight the development of the situation, everywhere unexpected, it is really elusive,rotary vacuum disc filters, try to reason. At this moment, a cool breeze was blowing in my face, accompanied by raindrops. Zhao Ziyuan looked up and saw the dark clouds in the sky, the stars and the moon. Shape, is clearly a sign of rain. Zhao Ziyuan way: "The weather changes quickly. Shall we find a place to take shelter from the rain?" "Sima Daoyuan" nodded and promised, and the two of them took steps one after another toward the path leading to the jungle. Halfway, the wind gradually turned, the heavy rain has gradually fallen down, Zhao Ziyuan was drenched like a drowned rat, in At this time, he discovered a strange thing. See that "Sima Daoyuan" body in the rain forward, the top door unexpectedly out of the silk white smoke, disc air diffuser ,rapid sand filters, dense raindrops fall in On his head, he slanted automatically, and his clothes did not get wet. Zhao Ziyuan heart shout a way: "Hun yuan Gui Zhen!"! This person's internal skill attainments have been practiced to the point of mixing yuan Guizhen, which is the few remaining achievements of the senior masters Talent can do it! He was wondering when suddenly, in the midst of the heavy rain, there came the sound of human conversation! Zhao Ziyuan listened attentively, the voice was getting closer and closer, very clear, "Sima Daowu" naturally heard, but his The steps are still easy, and the steps are not stagnant. Zhao Ziyuan dark feel: "It's late at night, and in such a wild place, who else would travel in the rain?" He could not be completely indifferent to things outside his body, and whispered: "Some people are also walking on this road." "Sima Daoyuan" cold way: "Speak less!"! The old man knows! Gradually the voice came closer, and at the corner of the path ahead, two people came out side by side. As soon as Sima Daoyuan stopped, he stood quietly in the middle of the road. Zhao Ziyuan also stopped behind him. The two men saw a white-robed man in power. Standing, the voice stopped at once. The two men continued to approach, and Zhao Ziyuan could see clearly that they were both dressed in Taoist robes, and the one on the right had a clear face. About fifty years old, but the one on the left is only in the middle age. The old Taoist priest on the right opened his mouth: "Two Taoist friends, please." His voice suddenly stopped, as if he had been taken aback, and he dared to see the white smoke on the top door of "Sima Daoyuan" and his whole body. Wet clothes. Sima Dao "sink a track:" "Are you two passing by?" The middle-aged Taoist priest on the left said: "Yes, Taoist friends, please make way." "Sima Daoyuan" slowly turned around, and the old Taoist hesitated for a moment and said: "Do you dare to ask this Taoist friend to cross this hill?" The two Taoist priests seemed to be taken aback, and the old Taoist priest on the left said: "Well, nothing." The poor way is just a moment of curiosity. "Sima Daoyuan" way: "It is very puzzling that a man who is not a member of the body of the Tao should be curious." Unexpectedly, the old Taoist priest was so sharp that he stayed in a daze and said: "Daoyou's words are too serious." "Sima Daoyuan" way: "The old man said he wanted to cross the mountain, and the two of them showed their surprise." The middle-aged Taoist cut off the conversation way: "Don't say any more about this Taoist friend. We have a tacit understanding." "Sima Daoyuan" sneered, and the two Taoist priests looked at each other and walked side by side, but "Sima Daoyuan" did not. A little sign of giving way. The path was very narrow, and the two Taoist priests crowded together to the side of the road. Suddenly, Zhao Ziyuan saw the rear in the distance. Another man walked on the road, and the disease of his body was more than that of a galloping horse. In the blink of an eye, the man has come to the front, with a wave of his hand, drink a way: "Good dogs stay out of the way!"! Make way! Make way! Zhao Ziyuan sharp sense of a dark strength when the chest attack,Mechanical fine screen, he slightly a setback, a horizontal hand, sink way: "Who is so insolent?" 。

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